Friday, March 28, 2014

No Not the Ice Cream!

Becoming lactose intolerant out of nowhere was pretty shocking. I have no allergies or anything! When I had a bad reaction to chocolate milk I was shocked and kept experimenting with all of the food I ate. Everyday I would take a Greek yogurt to work with me, have some cheese in my sandwich eat ice cream for dessert!! This can't be happening to me.
After going to the doctor and asking about a lactose intolerant test or something to prove that this was true he just said "you treat it exactly like you are doing, through experimentation." I was relieved i didn't have to take any medication but I had to rearrange how I ate and how I got my protein daily.
I have been going to the gym, on and off, since January of this year. I have been pretty good about keeping fit this year physically and religiously. So I have been watching what i eat and making better choices for the most part.
I have been drinking almond milk for about a year and a half already since my niece and nephew introduced it to me. It was great until now that I put it into my coffee. It was just too nutty of a flavor. I like flavored coffee but this just didn't agree. So i tried coconut milk. It went well with coffee but i don't think i can drink it alone. My nephew has been raised eating the Paleo lifestyle. 
I can't eat Paleo! what about rice and pasta and beans!
 Do I even dare think about switching to this lifestyle??

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