Friday, April 18, 2014

my 3rd week

I found out that Paleo is 80/20...
AMEN! I haven't been cheating after all. I have just been going along with the 20% 
This week has been "spring break" for me, meaning I have had work only twice this week and the rest left me to be bored/ want to eat (as you may think)
BUT I have been following the regimen very nicely and even made it to the gym the majority of the week. Hooray! When I did go to work they offered breakfast (which consisted of bagels, muffins donuts) all things i can't eat and lunch (pizza, pasta, chips and juices) more things i can't eat. 
I think work has just been a wake up call. All the stress that goes along with any job and then the food they provide just helps you indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle. It's something that needs to be addressed especially in schools since teachers are supposed to be the models for the future.

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