Saturday, April 12, 2014

This and That

The rest of this week went considerably well. It's getting difficult to keep track of what I'm eating. But it's getting easier to put things together. I've gotten used to preparing and packing food ahead of time. i prepared Kale and bacon to have on the side of chicken sausage. as a quick lunch or dinner. 
Wednesday I had some salad with avocado and a turkey burger. It was delicious!
Thursday i made some pecan crusted chicken with green beans and corn. (not sure if green beans and corn are paleo)
yesterday i let go a little and had diner food. it was a french dip panini. only ate half!

breakfast this week was great! (2 hard boiled eggs with bacon and cantaloupe)

a smoothie for those short days of work. before workout beverage.
I've been feeling a lot stronger during my workouts. I've been able to endure more. Taking up swimming this week was a plus! 
Let's see what the weekend brings!

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