Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April FOols!

Just kidding!!
 I really started the challenge today.
I have to confess I cheated a little bit. What can I say I can't resist when I'm offered a cookie at work!
here's my plan for the day:
Breakfast= ground beef with eggs, peppers and onions. side of mango. some chocolate almond milk... I had coffee throughout my morning (with coconut milk of course)

Snack= (cookie) apple sauce with cinnamon
 Lunch= chicken sausage with 1/2 sweet potato and some cooked spinach 
Snack= a little caveman trail mix  (walnuts, pecans, cacao, raisins, coconut flakes)

Dinner= caveman meatloaf, roasted zucchini and carrots and some spaghetti squash.

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